Building a Sass configuration system

The ability to use variables in stylesheets is most likely the first thing that attracts people to Sass. As projects become more complex, however, using variables without a strict organization can easily get out of hand, especially when trying to juggle stylesheets spread across hierarchies of Drupal themes. The risk of losing track of variables declared in a number of different partial files may end up nullifying the advantages of using Sass in the first place. For complex projects, it's often not enough to follow a strict and well-documented structure of stylesheets, and to make sure that variable names are semantic, functional, and future-proof.

This talk will take Sass organization one very long step further, by outlining the principles of a configuration system that can help developers with the internal consistency of their projects, as well as with handling different sets of variables between parent and child themes in Drupal. Although some basic knowledge of Sass is required, this talk is aimed at people with different degrees of expertise. It will actually be particularly beneficial to beginners as well, as it will help them dive into new projects with a more confident hand, and a better grasp of all the goodies that Sass has to offer.