There and Back Again: A Headless Tale

Decoupling Drupal has long been a tantalizing prospect for many Drupal developers. There have been tales of "No more theme layer!" and "Freedom from the div-itis".

The land of Decoupled Drupal is not all rainbows and sunshine though, there are Dragons hidden in the hills, and if you aren't careful, they might eat your entire pile of gold.

In this session we'll talk about setting up Drupal and Vue via the Contenta distribution and NuxtJS respectively and give you some key things to keep an eye out for when developing this way as well as discussing some alternatives that may better meet your needs (like expertly sprinkling in some decoupling on an otherwise normal Drupal site).

We'll show some clever ways to handle some of the pitfalls of decoupled Drupal like:

* How do I handle routing for a decoupled website?
* How do I handle images/media?
* How do I handle pages with dynamic content sections like paragraphs?

If we have time, we can cover some more advanced subjects like:
* How do I test a decoupled website?
* How do I handle devops?