Reservoir: Drupal as Decoupled Content Store

In June when we at Acquia’s OCTO introduced Reservoir we called it “a Distribution for Decoupling Drupal” but maybe that was a mistake. Reservoir is not about being a Drupal distribution, although it is one. It is not about decoupling Drupal. Reservoir is simply a content repository. It happens to be built on Drupal.
Reservoir isn’t just for Drupalists. Reservoir is for anyone who wants a self-hosted content repository to make use of in a front end or app. Reservoir is a project that aims to expand the user base of Drupal 8 beyond those already familiar the Drupal ecosystem. Keeping up with ever changing front-end technologies is hard enough. Reservoir aims to ease of the pain of making a decouple application not add to it.
What does the future hold for Reservoir?
Is there a need for Reservoir in addition to Contenta?