Order Out of Chaos: Planning and Executing An Institutional Drupal Migration

You've got an endless sprawl of websites representing every unit and program at your institution. Different CMS systems, different design standards, different clients. You've found a way to manage that chaos without losing your mind. But now there's a knock at your door telling you that you need to make significant changes to all of them. What are you going to do when 'jumping out the window' is not an option?In this session, we'll talk about a real-life example of Weill Cornell Medicine's 2015 rebranding, and how those business drivers translated into a multi-year in-house web modernization initiative to move 110+ websites to a standardized Drupal platform. We'll talk about prioritization strategies, resourcing, client management, communication, and potential pitfalls.This session will be light on Drupal nuts and bolts, heavy on web strategy, and may contain an excessive number of anecdotes.