Migrate a static website to Drupal 8 and More

We accomplished the Drupal 8 website project for the Department of Financial Services in early of this year. We started it from scratch, including website design, graphic design, site building, front-end development, back-end development, and migration from the old static site to Drupal 8.

Is this session, I will try to share our experiences in migration:
1. Content migration strategy: automatic migration via custom programs;
2. Web contents analysis on the old static website;
3. Software design of the migration program;
4. Phase I: Implementing program of web crawling and webpage parsing => output JSON files (PHP);
5. Phase II: Implementing program to import json data into Drupal 8 site (RESTful API);
6. Phase III: QA test;
7. Phase VI: Finally, to run programs to migrate the whole site to Drupal 8 site on Production.

If we have more time, I will talk about a little bit about another migration project: From WordPress to Drupal 8.


PHP source code:

Drupal RESTful modules and functionality

Drupal 8 WordPress Migration module

Drupal 8 module to process the extra data after migrating from WordPress: