Lean Requirements Without Skimping on the Meat

In today’s website feature debates, you and your team hash out priorities based on budgets, timelines, and what one of the clients mentioned in passing, ignoring the larger context of the design problem. We focus on the current list of edits—and rallying for the user is lost in the shuffle. In this session, you’ll be introduced to a framework for approaching your Drupal project’s situational analysis from many perspectives, to create success goals that resonate with everyone on your team—including your client’s wallet-bearers.Attendees should walk away with:

A method for breaking complex design problems into smaller problems without losing awareness of larger project needs
A skeleton for assembling more effective, yet lightweight use-cases to audit against
Ammunition to debate the validity of your decisions (and win)

This session is designed for web professionals of all levels and skillsets—including design, development, and content planning. It’s not required, but a writing utensil is recommended.