Intro to User Journey Maps for Building Better Websites

You’ve asked the right questions and maybe you have some personas. There’s a heap of feature requests from your client and a whole lot of content to organize into a sitemap (IA) document and wireframes. However, something’s not sitting right and you wonder how the site fits into the bigger customer journey with the client’s brand, business, and products.

In this talk, I’ll show you how to get started with taking all of that subject matter expertise you’ve been collecting in your mind, and to convert it into one of several useful types of journey maps. I’ll share process, examples, context on how they fit into a larger project, and show how they help bring agreement among your client decision-makers.

• Understand the benefits of thinking through a user journey outside of your website.

• See the variety of types of journey maps and identify where and when to use them.

• Build and use journey maps to shape client conversations and audit decisions.