Integrating Drupal and Salesforce for Every Budget

Drupal is a powerful tool on its own, but when it's paired with a robust contact relationship management (CRM) solution like Salesforce, it can have an exponential impact on how an organization tracks users, transactions, and interaction. It doesn’t always have to be a complicated or expensive endeavor, either, and no one approach is the right solution for everyone or every case. There are a range of strategies for integrating Drupal and Salesforce—from self-service web-to-lead forms, to bidirectional synchronization through the Salesforce Suite, to web services, to third-party platforms. Message Agency is the original developer and a current maintainer of the Salesforce suite, the set of modules that integrate Drupal and Salesforce. In this session, we will help you think through a strategy that helps you decide what works best for your purpose and budget, whether it’s DIY or requires a developer.