Human at Work: How to Worry Less and Get Stuff Done Every Day

Where does our time go? Somewhere in the middle of our overlapping project deadlines, meetings, and endless message notifications, we are all just trying to do good work, but it's hard to keep up. We do our best to stay organized with productivity apps and calendars and "lifehacks" but in the end we are humans and easily distracted by funny videos of cats — how can we be expected to actually get stuff done each day? It all comes down to the human factor. The way we check our email, where and when we have lunch, how we take notes in meetings—we all do it differently, but if we take time to truly understand how we work best, we can do our best work.

Drawing on my own experience as part of a web team behind a major Drupal project, I'll share the simple but powerful ideas that have helped me replace bad habits with good ones, and enabled me to grow and improve at my job. Whether you're a developer, a project manager, a designer, or all of the above, I'll teach you how to evaluate your own work habits, make focused productivity part of every day, and become a healthier, happier, and way-less-stressed human so you have more time for enjoying all those cat videos you crave.