How to Use the Salesforce Suite with Drupal 8: A Quick Start Guide

Learn hands-on from the module’s architect how you can leverage the Salesforce Suite to integrate Drupal and Salesforce in D8. In an effort to accelerate refinement and adoption of this important contribution, we’re providing a how-to presentation about ways to leverage the suite so developers can download the modules and start building.

This session will introduce the Suite’s architecture, cover use cases for integration, and provide an overview and practical instruction about the ways in which developers can use the Suite to integrate Drupal and Salesforce. We’ll review the following development topics:

• New features in Salesforce 8.x-4.x, including support for server-to-server JWT authentication
• Directions (push/pull) available for integration
• Options for synchronous and asynchronous data exchange
• Overview of object mapping options and review of the mapping interface
• Error handling and recovery

In our presentation, we will also provide tips and tricks for avoiding schema mismatches and touch on the planned roadmap of more advanced features.

Presentation slides