Headless Drupal and Front-end Magic

In this presentation we'll provide an overview of state-of-the-art web application development with Drupal and JavaScript frameworks.

Client-side JavaScript frameworks allow developers to create rich, engaging and complex interactive websites and web applications that go far beyond the limits of HTML, jQuery, and the "good old web". Once the stuff of bleeding edge projects, web interfaces based on frameworks such as Backbone, Angular, React and Mercury are now mainstream, turning the raw data provided by web APIs into exciting user experiences.

Drupal has consistently offered developers a powerful platform for building the types of APIs that these frameworks rely on, allowing content managers to dynamically control the content of their web applications with all the features of an enterprise-grade CMS. Recently there has been a surge in activity and support for the Headless Drupal features that provide such functionality, making it easier to create more powerful and robust web services more quickly with Drupal.

We'll review a number of recent projects that leverage a range of client side frameworks to integrate Drupal with web applications in a wide range of domains, ranging from interactive museum kiosk and on-device apps to high volume, enterprise implementations . We'll discuss the advantages of different approaches for creating web services with Drupal and review basic code, as well as the best practices for integrating different cient-side frameworks with these back-ends.

Presented by: Ethan Winn