Google SEO Tools Help to Optimize Drupal Video Site

In this session, a series of issues and solutions of SEO on our Drupal website will be demonstrated. We will not discuss everything about SEO, but try to share our experiences about how Google SEO tools help us to improve and optimize the website.

Topics including:

Background: Google Analytics shows our website traffic drop-down;
Google Webmaster tools: crawl errors and error fixing;
Google PageSpeed Insights:
Image optimization;
Enable compression: gzip compression on web server;
Remove render-blocking JavaScript;
Use asynchronous versions;
Leverage browser caching;
Site speed - improve site speed - too many JS & CSS files:
a) Optimize CSS delivery;
b) Minify JavaScript.
Google WMT: International targeting - set language if appropriate;
Generate sitemaps and submit sitemaps to Google for indexing;
Generate a video sitemap and submit it to Google for Indexing;
Google Analytics and site search tracking;
Tracking goals in Google Analytics;
Google Webmasters and VideoObject errors;
Google Search console: mobile usability errors;
Google Site Search;
Always HTTPS: secure version of HTTP;
Migrate Videos from BrightCove to Amazon AWS.

Session Slide: