The Future of Drupal Theming

What if you don't need to decouple, to have some fun?
What if you __actually__ use the libraries API in Drupal?
What if you could make your CSS and JS over 90% more lean, with just a slice
of opinion?
What if you didn't had to struggle with your next Gulp-setup?
What if the theming layer, is actually in your way?
What if someone is going to tell you about a cutting-edge native frontend

Would you come?

This talk is around the potential of splitting up
the theming layer of Drupal. I took a break from paid work for more than a
year to evolve the theming layer of Drupal. The outcome of my work resulted
in a future for Drupal where cutting edge frontend standards will become the
norm (and stay the norm). Not only do I revolutionise the idea of what we
consider the theming layer to be, I will share an open-source toolset and
platform to grow Drupal’s Frontend community.