Drupal 8.2: New Features!

Drupal 8.2 will have many new exciting features. This is because of two major changes in Drupal's development process.

1. Drupal now allows new features to be added in minor releases such as 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc. We no longer have to wait years till Drupal 9 for new features!
2. Experimental Modules: Experimental modules allow core contributors to iterate quickly on functionality that may be supported in an upcoming minor release and receive feedback, without needing to conform to the rigorous requirements for production versions of Drupal core.

Some of the new Features for 8.2 including
* Place Block: Easily place blocks from Drupal's front-end
* Outside In: Configure Blocks and other configuration from Drupal's front-end
* Datetime Range: Date fields now can have end dates.
* Migrate, Migrate Drupal, and Migrate Upgrade UI
* Content Moderation: Workbench Moderation in Core!

Also see what is coming in 8.3 and beyond!