Develop high performance, scalable and cost effective Drupal systems using microservices

Microservices is becoming a widely used architecture with time. Its popularity is driven by the fact that they are cost effective, scalable, flexible and evolving - if they are implemented thoughtfully. It allows to use framework where it fits best and a CMS where content management is involved in a single application. Having a distributed system also helps in reducing failures and system crash. Rather than building humongous systems on one stack and spending fortunes on scaling the servers to support them, microservices allow per component scaling thus reducing the overall cost, risks without compromising on the performance.

In this session we will take up some basic concepts of microservices, discuss about planning it takes to provision a microservice and follow the case study of a project implemented with this concept. The case study will highlight how we managed to keep a check on costs, progressed rapidly, the challanges we faced, the mistakes we did, scaling considerations we had before successfully delivering a high performance system.

Presented by: Arijit Dutta