Challenges and Successes Implementing a College Website in a SingleDrupal Instance

Speaker: Gang Wang
Company: SUNY Geneseo
Room: Dartmouth
Time: 10:15 AM, December 2, 2013

We started our new Drupal website from scratch since 2009. We would like to share experiences, challenges, and successes implementing our website in Drupal.

SUNY Geneseo uses a distributed ownership model to maintain web content on the campus website. We wanted to minimize administrative overhead by using a single Drupal instance, but we needed to have the ability to restrict access based on sub-websites (e.g. /math, /accounting, etc.). This session will describe our approach and customization to Drupal to accomplish these goals.

1. Website design decisions
2. Infrastructure
3. Why choose Drupal?
4. Making the website appear integrated and consistent
5. Drupal Theme & Template Design 6. What third party modules did we utilize?
7. Should we customize or hack the Drupal core?
8. Building custom modules to fill gaps 9. Successes 10. Challenge