Authentication/Authorization with Drupal

Speakers: Jeff Amaral, Eric Chen, Steve Gaarder
Company: Singlebrook, Cornell - CIT, Cornell - Math Department
Room: Yale/Princeton
Time: 4:05 PM, December 2, 2013

Integrating campus Single-Sign On (SSO) with Drupal using webserver_auth, simplesamlphp_auth, and/or ldap.

When your site grows; you need to integrate Drupal with your campus single-sign-on system to provide your end-user with a single username/password and provide tighter coupling with your administrative systems.
Learn about the difference between "authentication" and "authorization" and how to auto-create Drupal user and roles using your existing campus infrastructure.

Use cases such as Acquia-hosted sites that authenticate NetID and LDAP users will be discussed.