AccessAbility in Drupal: Using Your Powers for Good

Cornell DrupalCamp keynote speakers Kelsey Hall, Ed.M., M.S., and Joshua Pearson hail from the University of Massachusetts Amherst where they both work in the Assistive Technology Center. Kelsey is the Assistive Technology Coordinator where she provides campus-wide support in creating accessible educational materials, websites, and physical spaces. Joshua holds a BA from UMass Amherst and has been a life-long user of assistive technology. He has personal experience in blind/low vision technology, which has fueled his passion to seek a career in Assistive Technology. 
Their talk will focus on design with Drupal 8, and will discuss the relationship between usability and accessibility, as well as provide insights into challenges, successes, and first-hand user experiences that compel web developers to design with accessibility in mind.

According to Kelsey, “A major goal in designing websites is to ensure a positive user experience by representing information in a pragmatic and understandable way (aka usability-friendly). Every end-user will have a unique perspective navigating websites, particularly if the user has a disability. Many users with disabilities require the use of assistive and adaptive technologies when navigating websites. With accessibility concerns rising in higher education, it is more important than ever to integrate new and enhanced accessibility features into design throughout all stages of website development.”

Participants can expect to walk away with a better understanding and/or practical application of the following:
♣ The relationship between usability and accessibility.
♣ 3-5 ways to address and improve website accessibility.
♣ Good things come in Drupal 8! Discover 8 new and/or enhanced accessibility features in Drupal’s new release.
♣ Questions to consider when beginning the journey to embed accessible design into workflow.
♣ Consideration for how website design impacts user experience.